360Play provides a unique opportunity to feature multiple creatives, product features and custom content to communicate a full brand story within a single ad unit. The highly interactive environment is designed to capture the attention and emotion of consumers through fun, relevant content. With 360Play, advertisers can drive deep brand engagement through a custom quiz feature, image and video gallery and social extensions.


Mobile Flip

Mobile Flip creates a highly immersive advertising experience on mobile devices that allows consumers to instantly capture and retain key ad messages on one "slate" – or view – of a device and then "flip" to a second slate to further interact with the brand. Such deeper consumer connection often involves viewing more video content from the advertiser, visiting a mobile web site, engaging with social extensions, or requesting more information and more. *Also avaiable across PC and Tablet devices.


Tablet Captivate

Designed to grab consumer's attention, while driving video views, Tablet Captivate features video, animated overlay and branded slate in one unique ad experience. Leveraging the power of sight, sound and motion, Captivate enables advertisers to showcase unique brand messaging, while capturing the emotion of consumers. *Also available across PC, Smartphone and CTV devices.


FIU Ngage+

Ngage+ on Connected TV is designed to generate brand awareness and drive engagement on the big screen. The First Impression Unit clicks to a fully branded microsite with a variety of content including images, videos, promotions, etc.


About the Ads



YuMe 在视频广告创新上的成就誉满业界。使用 YuMe 获奖的广告单元展开您的下一个数字宣传攻势吧。



YuMe 为网上、智能手机、平板电脑和互联电视屏幕提供全面的视频广告单元组合。点击此处下载我们的视频广告通用规范. 找寻特定的广告单元规格?请与我们联系

IAB 认证

YuMe 支援所有 IAB 标准和富媒体广告单元。点击此处查看指引


屡获殊荣的 YuMe 创意工作室团队,负责创作 YuMe 享有盛名的广告单元,多年来为业界塑造了前卫、引人入胜的多屏整合视频广告单元的标准。创意工作室是由动态图形与视觉设计师及创意项目经理组成。该团队的使命是开创跨越个人电脑、智能手机、平板电脑和互联电视屏幕的广告体验,同时推动重点品牌,并为广告客户收集参与指标。作为视频广告空间的先驱,YuMe 的创意工作室已开发出无数的视频广告解决方案,运用 YuMe 的研究成果和行业最佳实践为您的品牌和宣传目标设计出最佳的广告体验。YuMe 创意工作室也探索未曾开发的科技和设计领域,以确保自己在行业中作为创造性思维领导者的地位。