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360Play provides a unique opportunity to feature multiple creatives, product features and custom content to communicate a full brand story within a single ad unit. The highly interactive environment is designed to capture the attention and emotion of consumers through fun, relevant content. With 360Play, advertisers can drive deep brand engagement through a custom quiz feature, image and video gallery and social extensions.


Mobile Flip

Mobile Flip creates a highly immersive advertising experience on mobile devices that allows consumers to instantly capture and retain key ad messages on one “slate” – or view – of a device and then “flip” to a second slate to further interact with the brand. Such deeper consumer connection often involves viewing more video content from the advertiser, visiting a mobile web site, engaging with social extensions, or requesting more information and more. *Also avaiable across PC and Tablet devices.


Tablet Captivate

Designed to grab consumer’s attention, while driving video views, Tablet Captivate features video, animated overlay and branded slate in one unique ad experience. Leveraging the power of sight, sound and motion, Captivate enables advertisers to showcase unique brand messaging, while capturing the emotion of consumers. *Also available across PC, Smartphone and CTV devices.


FIU Ngage+

Ngage+ on Connected TV is designed to generate brand awareness and drive engagement on the big screen. The First Impression Unit clicks to a fully branded microsite with a variety of content including images, videos, promotions, etc.

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Ready-Made: Built with Precision to Perform for Your Brand.

Ready-Mades are interactive video ad templates that are purposely built to deliver strong performance and maximize campaign ROI. We’ve leveraged best-practices and metrics from the billions of ads we have served across our Connected Audience Network to design Ready-Made units that perform. Advertisers can just pick the Ready-Made unit that best meets their campaign objectives and go! Or, combine two into a single unit with our Ready-Made MashUp capability.

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Ready-Made Multiplay demo: 5 Hr Energy


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Ready-Made Ngage demo: McDonalds


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Ready-Made SplitScreen demo: Expedia


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Ready-Made PlayTime Trivia demo: Nissan

PlayTime Trivia

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Ready-Made PowerRoll demo:POM


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Ready-Made PowerRoll Dataconnect demo: Sprint

PowerRoll DataConnect

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Ready-Made AdSelector/ASQ demo: Bounce


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Ready-Made MashUps demo: Bayer Aleve


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Ready-Made 360Play demo: Shutterfly




YuMe is recognized across the industry for our innovations in video advertising. Run your next digital campaign with YuMe's award-winning ad units.



YuMe offers a comprehensive portfolio of video ad units for online, smart phone, tablet and Connected TV screens. Download our general video ad specs here. Looking for a specific ad unit spec? Contact us.


YuMe supports all IAB standard and rich media ad units. Click here for guidelines.

The YuMe Creative Studio is the award-winning team responsible for YuMe's renowned ad unit innovation, and has been setting the industry standard for cutting edge, engaging, multi-screen video ad units for years.  The Creative Studio is comprised of motion graphics and visual designers, as well as creative project managers. The team is on a mission to innovate brand ad experiences across PC, Smartphone, Tablet, and Connected TV screens, all while driving key brand and engagement metrics for advertisers.  As a pioneer in the video ad space, YuMe's Creative Studio has developed a myriad of video ad solutions, utilizing YuMe's research and industry best practices to design the optimal ad experience for your brand and your campaign objectives.  The YuMe Creative Studio explores uncharted territory in areas of technology and design to ensure they maintain their place as the creative thought-leader in the industry.


Interested in running custom, interactive ad units developed by our Creative Studio? Get in touch with YuMe today >