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Ready-Made: Built with Precision to Perform for Your Brand.

Ready-Mades are interactive video ad templates that are purposely built to deliver strong performance and maximize campaign ROI. We’ve leveraged best-practices and metrics from the billions of ads we have served across our Connected Audience Network to design Ready-Made units that perform. Advertisers can just pick the Ready-Made unit that best meets their campaign objectives and go! Or, combine two into a single unit with our Ready-Made MashUp capability.

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Ready-Made Multiplay demo: 5 Hr Energy


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Ready-Made Ngage demo: McDonalds


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Ready-Made SplitScreen demo: Expedia


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Ready-Made PlayTime Trivia demo: Nissan

PlayTime Trivia

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Ready-Made PowerRoll demo:POM


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Ready-Made PowerRoll Dataconnect demo: Sprint

PowerRoll DataConnect

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Ready-Made AdSelector/ASQ demo: Bounce


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Ready-Made MashUps demo: Bayer Aleve


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Ready-Made 360Play demo: Shutterfly