Advantages of creating video ads designed for tablets

A tablet may be the most ideal device for digital video advertising.

Posted on Aug 28, 2014 by YuMe

Today's consumers have a multitude of options for watching video content. Gone are the days when the only way to watch digital programming was through a television. Now viewers have the option to watch programming of any kind on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

However, with respect to video content, one thing that hasn't changed is the power of digital video advertising. Companies looking to market products and services to consumers likely already have a clear understating that utilizing video is more effective than deploying an ad on radio or marketing in print. Today's consumer has become more responsive to visual stimulation than ever before. Brands that use video ads that are appealing and contain dynamic message are likely to make a strong connection with the consumer and influence him or her to purchase the product being advertised.

There are other considerations that need to be made when developing video marketing strategies, such as determining the best platform to deploy an ad on. With so many screens that consumers use to view video content, which one will have the greatest impact? That answer is likely the tablet.

Advantages of using video ads designed for tablet screens
With a screen that isn't quite as large as a computer's but bigger than a smartphone's and while retaining some of the same capabilities as both devices, a tablet may be the most ideal tool to watch video for consumers. YuMe's research into the habits of tablet owners found that most users access their devices while lying in their beds or sitting on their sofas at home. This is important for brands using digital video advertising because these two activities mean the viewer is in a relaxed state, making it an opportune time to connect with them using a video ad.

However, their homes aren't the only places tablet owners use their devices. Sixty-six percent of those responding to our survey stated that they watched video on their devices while on vacation, while 22 percent said they watch video while commuting or when at work. Additionally, 65 percent of tablet owners revealed they spent more than one hour per day on their devices.

This means that people are spending a lot of time on tablets, particularly to watch video. Companies can leverage this data to make video ads designed for tablet screens, thus increasing the likelihood of generating more sales.

Why tablets make video ads more effective
Because consumers are tech-savvy, brands that lead video marketing efforts geared toward tablets are looked upon favorably the owners of these devices because it gives the impression that the companies are both cutting edge and modern. This helps establish a rapport with these particular consumers that can be built upon to gain a unique customer base.

Additionally, 57 percent of respondents to our survey revealed their recall of ads was much higher when they viewed those ads on a tablet compared to when they saw the same ad on a smartphone, a computer or even television.