Advertising on mobile saw healthy growth in Q4

iOS was the biggest revenue generator.

Posted on Feb 8, 2013 by YuMe

Nothing is ever static in the mobile technology world. New devices are emerging constantly and smartphone and tablet capabilities are proving to be lucrative opportunities for media publishers and advertisers.

During the fourth quarter of 2012, publishers saw impressions and revenue increase more than two times more than any other quarter during the year, according to a recent report by Opera, a Norwegian browser company.

In total, mobile advertising generated more than $400 million for mobile publishers last year. With ads online finding homes at more than 12,000 publisher’s sites, big brands like The Home Depot, American Express and Nordstrom saw 50 billion ad impressions per month.

Which devices are getting the most ad circulation?

When it comes to generating returns, iOS continues to outperform other gadget platforms. It has the highest average eCPM and is responsible for the greatest percentage of publisher revenue, according to Opera.

Forbes notes iOS is a popular choice for many startup companies for several reasons, including the amount of respect the provider commands and its lower cost to them. However, these businesses choose iOS, “mostly because iOS earns the developers more money,” contributor Ewan Spence wrote.

The Apple operating system generated nearly 42 percent of ad traffic and more than 50 percent of revenue.

Android wasn’t too far behind though, as it made up about 30 percent of both traffic and revenue. The operating system’s numbers can be attributed in part to the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy III, which now accounts for all Android traffic, Opera states.

Meanwhile, RIM, Symbian and other operating systems trailed behind with minimal holds on traffic.

Music, video and media drive impression volume
While arts and entertainment generate 17 percent of revenue for publishers, the largest portion, music, video and media, is the No.1 category for impression volume, with 21 percent of impressions.

With video ads making up a significant portion of content viewed by mobile device owners, brands that are hesitant to take their television and internet advertising to the smart platform should rethink their marketing plan.

On a global scale, North America still sees the majority (64 percent) of ad requests. However, that’s down from 70 percent in quarter three of 2012, which demonstrates the pace at which the rest of the world is catching up.

Europe and Asia Pacific each hold around 14 percent of global ad requests. The Russian Federation saw a major growth spurt of requested ads with a simultaneously impressive increase in Android adoption.