Auto industry embracing video ads to sell more cars

The automotive industry uses video ads to sell cars.

Posted on Mar 9, 2014 by YuMe

These days, there doesn't seem to be a segment of society that hasn't been changed by technology. And when it comes to advertising, companies now have the ability to reach consumers without solely relying on TV and radio spots, but through smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.

No matter the industry, to survive and thrive, companies now have to add digital deployment into their marketing and advertising plans. According to a recent eMarketer article, the automotive industry is beginning to take advantage of Internet video advertising to sell more cars.

Single Throw Marketing suggests that auto brands can benefit greatly from the use of video ad strategies because most potential car buyers want to see a vehicle before they actually consider making a purchase. The company  also found that automotive companies – whether manufacturers or dealers – that adopt a more visual approach in pitching their products to consumers can increase brand awareness and grow sales.

Citing a recent survey conducted by three separate companies, eMarketer reported that 34 percent of consumers polled stated that video ads appearing on their smartphones and tablets were what began the car-buying process for them, and they started to look deeper into purchasing a new vehicle as a result of these ads. Another survey cited by the website found that 81 percent of those looking to buy a new car did research on their smartphones, and 61 percent used their devices while visiting a dealership.

It's worth noting that those polled in the studies cited by eMarketer were young adults who were looking to potentially buy their first car or who were in the market for low monthly payments at the expense of signing a longer financing contract.

Through the use of mobile video advertising, the automotive industry now has a valuable tool at its disposal to reach a broader number of consumers.