Avoid App Store Rejection – Monetize the Safe Way

Avoid App Store Rejection Monetize the Safe Way

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 by Deborah Lin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, YuMe and Lacey Fabrizio, Product Marketing Manager, YuMe

What policies were recently changed with Apple’s Developer Guideline?

Apple has begun to crack down on tools that app developers use to monetize and grow their applications, including incentivized video viewing and rewarded social sharing, as well as discovery tools that allow users to find apps inside the games they’re already playing.   Publishers who leverage direct-response ad networks, risk having their app rejected by the Apple App store if they are flagged.

What does this mean for you, the developer?

A number of app promotion and monetization companies offer video ads as a way of helping developers make money and get their app found. That means the new rejections will take their toll on developers, as well as companies offering rewarded video, cross-promotion services and other tools, while greatly benefiting those offering non-incentivized video ads.

Are there other options?

Yes! Cross-promotion ads common among other ad networks drive traffic away from your app and are a bad user experience. The short terms gains of filling ad inventory with these types of ads will have negative long-term effects and a drop in active users.  Relevant brand ads that do not cannibalize your user base, and yield a better user experience will prevail.