Brand Advertisers Must Evolve Video Strategies to Align with Changing Marketplace

Posted on Nov 28, 2017 by Elizabeth Gaydos, Media Solutions Marketing Manager, YuMe

Smart TVs, as well as the increasing number of OTT devices (the things that make “dumb” TVs “smart”), are more accessible than ever. Pair the amount of original and live streaming content with the affordability of many connected devices and you’ve got a very attractive option for today’s video viewers. To prove out the benefit of including Connected TV (CTV) within a video strategy, we proposed a measurement opportunity that would help an auto advertiser quantify the impact of their linear advertising in conjunction with their CTV advertising.

As a supplement to the advertiser’s linear TV plan, we ran a combination of First Impression Units (FIUs) and CTV Pre-Roll. We applied third-party behavioral targeting to reach the most relevant consumer audience: those who were in-market for a car.

In partnership with Kantar Millward Brown, we performed a study to measure key brand metrics among viewers who were exposed to either the brand’s linear TV ad, CTV ad or both.  The metrics we considered included ad awareness, research intent, sell intent, service intent and shop intent.  Key learnings included:

  • Both linear TV and CTV were effective in increasing lifts across all brand metrics, suggesting that exposure on both platforms is associated with increased post-ad consumer actions
  • Campaigns executed on both screens showed a statistically significant increase in ad awareness, sell intent and service intent, with those campaigns outperforming those executed on one screen only (see graph below)
  • Our study showed that from a CTV perspective, both Pre-Roll and FIUs worked in tandem to drive the highest overall results, suggesting that the two units work more effectively together than on their own.

Through our direct relationships with OEMs, OTT devices and app publishers, we believe that YuMe has the industry leading CTV marketplace. We continue to innovate through first-to-market opportunities including closed loop measurement solutions and proprietary SDK integrations. Our scale, combined with our innovative solutions, make it easy for advertisers to include CTV as a part of their overall video strategies. As more and more consumers shift their viewing behaviors from traditional TV to connected environments, brands must be prepared to do the same with their advertising budgets.


Control LTV + CTV = Consumers who did not see the ad on CTV or LTV, n = 84

Exposed:  LTV + CTV = Consumers who saw the ad on both CTV and LTV, n = 117

Note – Kantar Millward Brown does look-a-like modeling to ensure the control group matches the exposed group in terms of audience attributes such as age, gender, income, etc.

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