China’s smartphone user base eclipses the half-billion mark

When it comes to smartphone usage, no country in the world tops China, which just eclipsed the half-billion mark.

Posted on Jun 20, 2014 by YuMe

The country with the largest overall population also has the highest number of individual smartphone users. According to data from, China is home to more than 1.3 billion people, that's 1 billion higher than the current population of the U.S.

When it comes to mobile, 521.7 billion people will be using a smartphone by the end of this year, according to eMarketer. That number will account for 48.1 percent of the total population of people worldwide who own a device. Additionally, the website states that given China's consistent growth, by 2018, the country will have a smartphone user base of 709.9 billion, which will equate to 57.1 percent of people using a similar device, globally.

Brands already advertising on mobile devices may want to begin developing marketing strategies to tap into the Chinese market and connect with consumers making up the densest population of any country in the world. Brands can also attempt to market to the Chinese through the use of internet video advertising.

Additionally, eMarketer states that in 2013, 9 out of every 10 people in China who accessed the Internet did so on their mobile devices. The website expects that number to be marginally higher this year at 92.3 percent. Additionally, by 2018, eMarketer predicts that every Internet user in China will access the Web on their mobile devices. This scenario creates yet another opportunity for brands to make an impression on the country's consumers through advertising.

World Cup creates a strong multi-screen video advertising opportunity for brands
The first week of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil just ended and so far, the tournament seems to be as popular as it's ever been with soccer fans around the globe. This could be due in part to the fact that this year's event is the first during which people can follow matches on TV, the Internet and on their smartphones and tablets. In a separate eMaketer report, the website states that this is the first time the Fédération Internationale de Football Association has created this kind of viewing environment for those interested in the World Cup.

As a result, companies investing in marketing during the event would benefit from multi-screen video advertising initiatives to capitalize on the number of people who are tuned into the matches.

Citing a joint study conducted by On Device Research and the Interactive Advertising Bureau, eMarketer states that 56 percent of smartphone users in Mexico stated they intended to follow this year's World Cup on their devices. That number was very close to the 60 percent of those participating in the survey who stated they planned to watch matches on TV. Comparatively speaking, when it comes to watching the World Cup using a smartphone, the global average of people stating they would use their mobile devices to follow the tournament was 48 percent, eMarketer wrote.

Still, with fans using TV and mobile to follow the tournament, brands would be wise to utilize multi-screen video advertising initiatives.

By creating video ads for TV and mobile, companies give themselves the added advantage of not missing an opportunity to market their products and services to a global consumer audience. Not only is this a great way to generate more brand awareness, but it could also help companies penetrate markets they may have been unable to reach before.

With soccer being one of the world's most popular sports, utilizing digital video advertising during this year's World Cup could have a positive impact on a brands video marketing strategies. The World Cup only happens once every four years, so companies should try and capitalize on the advantages offered by the popular tournament offers from a marketing standpoint.