Consumer trust in advertising up

Consumers view owned advertisements as more trustworthy than they have in recent years.

Posted on Sep 22, 2013 by YuMe

Advertising is the primary channel through which brands connect with their target audiences. Establishing a company as a reputable provider of high-quality goods or services is a key goal of advertising, and brands consistently strive to boost their credibility through product promotion. According to a study by Nielsen, companies' efforts are paying off; consumers across the world are reportedly more trusting than they were in recent years.

The "Trust in Advertising" report surveyed more than 29,000 consumers in 58 countries around the globe. Eighty-four percent of participants stated word-of-mouth recommendations are the most trustworthy sources of information about brands. With 69 percent of consumers stating branded websites are credible, these platforms were found to be the third most trusted sources. Between 2007 and 2013, ads on televisions saw a 6 percentage point boost, bringing the rate of consumers deeming them a valid influence to 62 percent. Additionally, while online video advertising trustworthiness wasn't measured in 2007, about half of consumers polled in 2013 said Internet video ads are credible.

Randall Beard, the global head of advertiser solutions at Nielsen, said the amount of trust consumers place in owned brand advertising is good news for consumer-product makers and -service providers.

"This form of advertising is trusted by nearly 70 percent of consumers globally, which emphasizes the notion that marketers maintain the ability to control the messages about their brands in a way that consumers consider credible," Beard said. "This perceived credibility is a key component in advertising effectiveness."

He added that while television remains the main priority for many brands, consumers' reliance on digital channels for information about goods and services sheds light on the importance of carrying out multichannel marketing initiatives that incorporate Internet video advertising, social media marketing and other strategies.