Creative best practices for digital video advertising

When it comes to digital video advertising, brands need to understand that simply creating a video ad isn't enough. It requires a high-level of strategy.

Posted on Aug 18, 2014 by YuMe

Simply creating a video ad and deploying it to consumer viewing audiences doesn't make for an effective marketing strategy. Careful planning with respect to creativity, messaging and how an ad will be released all need to be considered to ensure effectiveness is maximized. Many brands struggle in one or all three of these areas, making it more difficult to justify the money invested in digital video advertising.

However, there are a few best practices that can be adopted to ensure the success of not only an individual campaign, but video marketing strategies for any brand.

Best practice for video advertisements
Television is still a popular form of entertainment for many people all over the world and a video marketing strategy that advertises goods and services through the creation of commercials is still viable. However, technology has essentially reshaped the landscape and now, instead of just creating ads for TV, companies now must incorporate strategies that include the development of video ads that can be shown across a number of platforms.

Today's consumer is likely the most technologically savvy that we've ever seen. This is due in large part to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and other connected TV devices and computers. All have the ability to display video and those owning these items regularly use them for this purpose. This behavioral shift has caused companies to be just as savvy as the consumers they're marketing to, while also forcing them to be more creative in the development of their marketing strategies.

So considering this new video viewing environment, it's important to create video marketing strategies that take into account the many ways that people today watch video. On one side of the coin, brands should be excited that there are now so many channels that can be utilized to market to today's consumer. However, in order to be impactful and make a connection with the viewer, a video ad must be done right.

Here are two best practices from our infographic, "Put Purpose Into Repurposing: Digital Online Video Creative Best Practices," that can be incorporated into video advertising efforts that will help to ensure that outcome:

  • Use short and long ad formatting: The length of a digital video must always be considered as the two most common formats deliver vastly different results. The advent of technology has created a consumer with a much shorter attention span. Therefore, when introducing a new product or service to the masses, a 15-second video ad is one that works best. It ensures that the viewer will likely view to the end and it's a great way to make a connection without taking up too much time. However, when looking to develop increased engagement, a 30-second ad is the way to go. The most important thing to remember when using this ad format is that because it is longer, careful measures must be taken to ensure that the video is as visually appealing as possible and the messaging is strong in order to keep someone's attention for the full 30-seconds.
  • Advantages of interactive video marketing strategies: The purpose of any ad should be to create engagement on the part of the person viewing it. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by making a video interactive. Not only does an ad of this kind encourage consumer interaction, but the activity also helps the messaging better resonate with the viewer. Interactive advertising is a great way to influence the buying behavior of the consumer and should be used whenever possible.

There are other best practices for creating effective video ads. However the two mentioned above are certainly a great start for any company looking to make its digital video advertising efforts stronger. Taking these two suggestions and then building upon them with others would be a good launching point for any brand that wants to use video ads for marketing purposes.