Digital marketing gains expand reach of online video advertising

The number of people watching content on the go keeps growing.

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 by YuMe

The number of devices that can display online video is rapidly growing, and many companies are realizing if they don’t capitalize on the “smart” industry, they’re not keeping up with their consumers.

While it may have been off to a slow start, smart TV technology is now expanding at a quick rate. Tech giants like Google and Samsung are seeing a significant boost in their total sales from smart TVs. Video content kings both past and current – like Blockbuster, Hulu and Time Warner Cable – have embraced the trend and created smart TV apps.

Meanwhile, the mobile device market continues to skyrocket. While the video support abilities of smartphones and tablets become more advanced with every new model release, the variety of gadgets on the market now includes several cheap options. With more people accessing the web on the go, the already substantial number of consumers that can be targeted with online video ads is growing constantly.

Publishers embrace mobile
In this atmosphere, it’s no surprise more publishers are going mobile. In a survey of 210 media businesses, the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) found 90 percent currently have a mobile presence and the other 10 percent plan to format their content for smartphones and/or tablets this year.

“Media companies know that delivering content whenever and wherever consumers want is key,” said Eric John, AAM’s vice president of digital services. “They know digital content, including browser-based editions and mobile apps, is no longer the wave of the future, but table stakes to continue reaching and growing digital readership.”

“Publishers have embraced tablets, smartphones and the web as an integral part of their overall cross-platform publishing strategy,” he added.

The growing number of media outlet that have mobile apps – some of which have more than three for the same device – means more opportunities for video ads.

Online video viewing is increasing
In December, U.S. internet users watched 38.7 billion content videos online and 11.3 billion video ads, according comScore. Hulu viewers alone watched more than 1.45 billion pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll clips.

EMarketer stated marketing investment in video advertising increased 46 percent last year, making it the fastest form of online advertising, Reuters reported.

Advertisers like online video because of its resemblance to television, Yahoo’s former chief executive officer Tim Morse told the news service.

The internet, however, provides marketers with much stronger demographic targeting power than television.