From London to San Francisco: YuMe Partner Day Shares the Latest Insights from the Industry

YuMe Partner Day in London and San Francisco

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 by Kristie Sein

Last month, we kicked off our global YuMe Partner Day event series with our inaugural Partner Day in London on March 4th, followed by the San Francisco event on the 25th.

In London, we hosted a breakfast session at the beautiful Dolby Theatre in Soho Square.  We kicked off the morning program with a fireside chat with Jayant speaking on the trends of the video advertising industry. We invited Alex Newman of OMD to provide his perspective on what agencies are looking for from video advertising.  Following the agency chat, we had a publisher panel that include guests from the Football League, Trinity Mirror and ESI discussing the benefits of video ads with SDK vs. VAST. We wrapped up the morning with engaging discussions with our guests on publisher insights and best practices.

In San Francisco, we hosted Partner Day at the swanky Temple nightclub. The schedule was jam-packed with great panels featuring publishers, partners, agency and media sales perspectives.  As with London, Jayant opened the program with discussing trends of the video ad industry, and also provided insights on audience buying trends and the importance of reaching not only receptive, but attentive audiences.  He spoke to the benefits of embedding YuMe’s Audience Aware SDK, and also touched upon our new programmatic solution, Video Reach.

In the publisher panel discussing the state of audience data, our guest speakers from Forbes, Pandora and Sporting News shared their definitions of the different types of audience data; all agree that third-party data tends to be far less accurate and is also expensive, yet the current state of audience data is essentially somewhere between third-party validators and first-party data.

The agency and advertiser panel featuring Video Reach VP, Matt Arkin, Eleven Inc’s  Shanon Fernandez Walker, and YuMe VP of West Sales, Ann Piper, discussed what advertisers are looking for today.  Our panelists emphasized the importance of data: “Content is King, but data is queen.  What is my ROI? What is the historical data that will show me that this [campaign] will be successful? We encourage our brands to be platform-agnostic and multi-screen.” Shanon also shared the view that traditional metrics, such as CTRs, are going out the door; more and more advertisers are looking at engagement and frequency metrics.  Advertisers want transparency and effective reach – not just general reach.  Matt wrapped up the session introducing Video Reach, its complement to YuMe’s Connected Audience Network and how the programmatic branding solution will also provide better fill rates for publishers, as well as drive up yield for inventory.  It was great to see that a lot of publishers in the crowd excited about the new programmatic solution!

According to our platform and technology panelists, it’s never been a better time to be a publisher, as now more than ever, you can connect directly with the consumer through apps – the challenge now is discoverability and keeping them engaged. The panel recommended to focus on major mobile platforms and don’t ignore smart/connected TVs.  Similarly the emerging technologies panel with LG, Roku and Viewster, touched upon content/app discoverability within vibrant and growing ecosystems, and how second screens can drive discoverability.

Partner Day SF ended with a well-deserved cocktail hour where YuMeites, publishers, partners and speakers mixed and mingled alongside peers in the industry.  We’d like to thank all our guests for coming out to our Partner Days and contributing great insights and engaging discussions. We look forward to hosting you all at our Fall Partner Day in New York on November 4th!

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