How brands can improve their video marketing strategies

Using video as part of a marketing strategy is a great way for a brand to boost revenue.

Posted on Jul 17, 2014 by YuMe

One of the best ways for brands to connect with consumers is with digital video advertising. More companies today are using this advertising method to create lasting impressions with consumers while also influencing their buying decisions. Video is a great way to generate excitement for products and services, as well as increase brand loyalty among existing customers while also attracting new ones. This is one of the primary reasons marketers are rapidly adopting this tactic and why video ads have become more common and their use has grown significantly. 

A recent Business Insider article states that revenue from video advertising will increase due to a combined annual growth rate of 19.5 percent over the next two years. Comparatively, display advertising online is expected to experience an increase of just 3 percent annually over the same time period. Eventually, brands will begin deploying more digital video advertising  across all mediums, including mobile.

How brands can make the most of video ads
There are a number of ways to use this strategy effectively, namely, maximizing the impact of video ads. Entrepreneurship in a Box lists several ways brands can ensure that their video ads resonate with consumers. One of the biggest reasons for any company to use digital video advertising is to remain relevant in the eyes of the customer. In this age of technology, what's new today is old tomorrow. Consumers will quickly move on from brands if they aren't enticed in some way to continue doing business with the company. This is where a creative and engaging video ad can be an important tactic that generates significant results. 

Other suggestions the website provided are using social media as a promotional tool to deploy ads and observing some of the video advertising tactics competitors are using All of these suggestions can help brands craft a strong video marketing strategy that can allow it to remain popular with consumers and in turn, generate a steady flow of revenue. 

Increased tablet and smartphone ownership among a generation of consumers who are not only more mobile, but digitally savvy is a great reason for any brand to expand its reach by using video advertising strategies. More companies are adopting marketing efforts that includes the use of video because of the benefits it has when it comes to attracting customers. Video ads are not only a smart investment, but they can be lucrative as well.