Keep platform in mind when creating mobile video

It's important to keep the format in mind when creating mobile videos.

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 by YuMe

When creating an online video ad, companies must know the platform it will be played on. More than ever, it is essential to know the viewership, as what looks good on a PC or laptop will not necessarily look good on mobile devices. Industry professional Nilesh Talaviya wrote for TechRepublic that there are some ways to ensure videos will play well on mobile devices, including having high-quality audio.

"Videos without good sound quality will annoy your viewers," Talaviya said. "While making videos, pay close attention to voice clarity. You can set the microphone level to maximum while recording audio. The best option is to find a soundproof area that will eliminate background noises, which can be very distracting. Alternatively, you can record three or four clippings and then select the clipping with maximum clarity."

The size of the video will also be important to keep in mind, as buffering may cause slow loading times with some formats. Keeping mobile video ads smaller will make it easier for viewers to download them if they would like to and should make the resolution much more clear. Formatting is also an essential issue, as companies must have the same format that will allow users to view the ad no matter customers they are or what device they are utilizing.

Annotations must be amended on mobile videos as well. The article said there may be plenty of room to allow users to click through multiple annotations on a PC, but only the important text should be kept when creating a mobile video ad. Video should also be responsive, as users prefer this and it is generally seen as better quality. HD FLV players have become popular with users for this reason.

"Another big reason why most mobile device users prefer HD FLV players is because these players come with socializing options and makes sharing easy," according to Talaviya, "You'll have a greater chance of your videos going viral, which means that you need to keep them free from controversy. Don't use inappropriate or abusive content to gain attention."

Building the most engaging campaign
Industry professional Meera Chopra wrote on ClickZ that more brands are attempting to position themselves in the mobile landscape. To have the most engaging mobile video ad campaign, the company needs to know where customers are viewing content, how they can be engaged and how the role of customers has changed. Statistics from her company found that 65 percent of mobile video discovery resulted from social media sharing, so perhaps engaging users means having a more active presence there.

Chopra gave some steps of how companies can build a better, more interactive mobile ad campaign, saying they need to first be specific by localizing and tailoring the ads. She said unique content is always the best and will usually go the longest way for an organization and added that getting insight about current customers is absolutely critical.

"Knowing your audience is paramount, so use all resources available to collect data about your target group and understand what interests them most," she said. "Data analytics and short exit surveys will help guide your ad campaign strategy. At the end of a campaign, use holistic metrics that help determine brand perception, purchase intent, and other factors beyond click-through rates to make your next campaign stronger."

Finally, she said length and platform are two things that must always be kept in mind. Brevity is something that mobile video ads should have, as well as consideration of what kind of devices customers primarily use and how the videos will be viewed. Organizations that think in these terms will likely have a more engaging campaign.