Latest trends in tablet advertising

For video advertisers looking to reach a target audience, tablets may be one of the best devices to optimize spots for.

Posted on Dec 27, 2012 by YuMe

For video advertisers looking to reach a target audience, tablets may be one of the best devices to optimize spots for. Not only are an increasing number of Americans purchasing tablets, but YuMe reported in November that 54 percent of those who use the mobile device watch videos on it at least once a week.

However, as is often the case with the introduction and rise of any new technology, brands and marketers have at times struggled to develop better ways of advertising on the new medium. Tablets are no different, except many companies have recently developed new campaigns and strategies to more efficiently target users of these devices.

To embellish tablet ads, think about enhancements
An increasing number of print publishers have begun more thoroughly embracing tablets and other digital mediums as print readerships decline. AdWeek reported that twice as many publication-related apps were released for the iPad during the first 10 months of this year than during all of 2011.

However, as publications rush to embrace new technologies, it seems that advertisers were not following suit. In particular, even though tablets offer a number of ways in which a brand can embellish a spot – like by adding a video or a link – the majority of the ads appearing in these apps look like traditional print spots, AdWeek reported.

"[A]s publishers expand to more and more platforms, they’re pulling back on the number of costly and time-consuming enhancements, as are advertisers," AdWeek's . That’s unfortunate, since not only readers are more likely to read enhanced ads, they mean more money in publishers' coffers."

Of all the spots to appear in tablet-based apps, 71 percent were found to mimic print ads. Among the ads with embellishments, AdWeek reported that brands may not be doing enough to reach out to target audiences. Eighty-five percent of embellished ads only featured a web link, while just 12 percent included video content.

Tablet trends for 2013
According to TabTimes, brands can expect a number of new technologies to become more prevalent on tablets in the coming months, and these developments have the potential to make advertising on mobile even more prosperous.

 • Near-field communication methods should become available on more devices, allowing consumers to easily share mobile video ads and other forms of content
 • The proliferation of voice dictation like Apple's Siri, which could add a new layer of interactivity in an ad on mobile
 • Improved haptic feedback, through which a brand could add texture to ads for mobile
 • More gesture control without the aid of infrared cameras, plus the expected rise of behavior recognition and eye tracking technologies

Use swiping action in ads for mobile
According to one case study released in November, brands may be best served by creating campaigns which make better use of the swiping motion commonly used to browse on tablets, paidContent reported.

According to the news source, airline Finnair ran a tablet-based campaign in Europe earlier this year which made use of a swiping motion. As a result, the ads had five percent more impressions as previous banner ads and a noticeable spike in traffic to its main website.

"What about actual clicks through to an advertiser site?" paidContent's Robert Andrews wrote. "Again, the tablet-native formats have seen better results."

Brands looking to utilize swiping motions in the tablet ads can use YuMe Mobile Flip, which allows users to swipe their finger to transition from one ad to another one. For example, a "flip" or swipe can transition a spot from a mobile video ad to a website that further explains a particular product or service.

"YuMe Mobile Flip has opened a new horizon of opportunities for informing users and building brand preference," Scott Grenz, media director at pharmaceutical and healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline, said in a July statement. "Sophisticated consumers not only want information quickly, but demand details critical to making purchasing decisions. With YuMe Mobile Flip, we can meet our consumers’ informational and decision-making needs in a single interaction – giving our brands a terrific opportunity to win in the categories in which we compete."