Latest ways to watch content online

The advent of more new technologies may push even more content viewing toward the web, forever changing the way consumers watch programming and how brands target those viewers.

Posted on Nov 28, 2012 by YuMe

Over the past few years, a wide variety of internet-enabled devices – from PCs and tablets to smartphones and connected televisions – have penetrated the market, forever changing the way consumers view content and how brands target those viewers. Now, the advent of more new technologies may push even more content viewing toward the web.

Tablet app allows for live TV viewing
Earlier this month, Verizon released the newest version of its FiOS mobile application for the Apple iPad. While the app will only work for those who are already cable television subscribers, it allows consumers to watch 75 television channels from their mobile device without having to install any new software, which TechCrunch cited as a major bonus of the application.

The Verizon FiOS mobile app offers two major benefits to subscribers: the ability to watch live television and streaming content from a tablet. According to TechCrunch's Sarah Perez, the app allows customers to watch TV shows in the same way they would on a traditional TV set and view content such as popular movies and television programming in an on-demand format. Based on the features available in the app, users may want to think about FiOS as less of a mobile-specific application and more like a way to watch TV content on a smaller and more portable screen.

"Another section helps you find popular programs if you’re not sure what to watch," Perez wrote. "This 'What’s Hot' section, like the FiOS widget by the same name, shows trending content. Verizon actually uses data from subscriber viewing patterns to generate these recommendations in real-time, as opposed to editorially selecting content, which makes for some interesting discoveries." She added, "[o]verall, the app is a welcome upgrade for FiOS customers."

Apple TV launch may be imminent
CNET reported earlier this month that industry insiders expect Apple to soon release its highly anticipated Apple TV internet-enabled device.

Analysts have been long anticipating the release of a full-fledged connected TV device from Apple that has the potential to dramatically increase the number of consumers with an internet-enabled television, CNET said. While the company has released three over-the-top connected devices, a more integrated option – either an OTT box of a smart TV set – could dramatically change the marketplace in ways reminiscent of what the iPhone and iPad did for mobile devices.

"Reports have ping-ponged about Apple's television plans, painting the potential gadget as either a newer device that would aim to replace cable providers' set-top boxes, or a full-fledged TV set," the news source reported. "Much of the speculation on the latter has centered on a mention by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who told biographer Walter Isaacson that he wanted 'to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use,' and that he 'finally cracked it.'"