Live-streamers and multi-screeners are major targets on game day

Posted on Feb 2, 2013 by YuMe

With the Super Bowl just a couple days away, advertisers are revving their engines like crazy in anticipation of the most watched television show of all time.

Many brands got an early start this year by flaunting their game day clips online beforehand. Companies like GoDaddy, Volkswagen and Taco Bell have made headlines and proved the incredible value of online video advertising by sharing their Super Bowl clips on the web weeks and days before the NFL championship.

Increasing ad viewing opportunities

Internet video hubs are taking advantage of the recent video ad fleet online. After launching Hulu AdZone last year, the video entertainment provider is reintroducing its service this year. Users can watch teasers and previews of this year’s ads, as well as entire watch commercials for Super Bowl 2012. In addition, the service has gone social and mobile, allowing viewers to like and share content on the go.

With smartphones, tablets and everything in between playing a major role in consumer entertainment today, it’s no wonder marketing analysts are expecting great things from mobile advertising this weekend and beyond. Brands are taking extra measures to perfect the digital portions of their promotional campaigns this year. CBS is live-streaming the game for the first time in history, letting consumers tune in on their smart devices and opening the door for video advertising online.

Multi-screen viewers are a marketing gold mine

The network sold out of mobile ad space for the game in December, Sephi Shapira, CEO of marketing firm MassiveImpact said in an interview with WebProNews. Marketers are now thinking beyond just live-streamers and are focusing on multi-screen viewers. People who are watching the game on TV and using their smartphone to access the web are valuable consumers.

“Prior to the start of the game, many brands are looking for viewers to interact with traditional television ads on their mobile devices,” Shapira said. “That interaction is about more than increasing traffic to an app or mobile site; it’s about specific end-user targeting.”

The content viewers receive on their mobile devices throughout the game will be tailored to each individual based on his or her reaction to the first clips he or she sees before kickoff, he explained.

“This individualized content should mean large returns for advertisers, and will continue as a trend for interaction through the upcoming year,” Shapira added.