Measuring impressions, not clicks the most accurate metric for online video advertising

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of online video advertising, impressions may be the best way to go.

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 by YuMe

One of the inherent questions associated with online video advertising is how to effectively measure the results after a campaign has been launched. Considering that many brands continue to invest so heavily in the creation and deployment of video ads, the fact that a number of different metrics are still used to gauge effectiveness makes it very difficult to measure how successful an ad was in terms of resonating with consumers. To date, an acceptable solution has yet to be figured out.

In a recent Advertising Age article, Brian Boland, Facebook's vice president of ads and product marketing, states that cookies, which measure traffic in the form of clicks, are no longer a suitable measurement tool for online video advertising.

"Cookies don't cut it anymore," Boland wrote. "It's imperative that we move toward people-based measurement – and soon. People-based measurement gives marketers both accuracy and transparency, and has the added benefit of eliminating wasteful spending."

According to Nielsen, brands increased Internet video advertising spend 26.6 percent in Q2 of last year. However, it's unclear how much these sizeable investments influenced the buying decisions of consumers and positively impacted brand sales as a result.

When factoring multiscreen deployment into the digital video advertising equation, Nielsen suggested that impressions are the best tool for delivering accurate measurements that provide insight into the effectiveness of online video advertising strategies.

Using Facebook as an example, the study found that when the company changed its strategy to ignore clicks and instead focused strictly on impressions, sales increased 75 percent. It's worth noting there are a number of different impressions that can be measured, but Nielsen suggested to get the most accurate results, detailed data such as demographic targets, the market in which the ad was deployed and the devices it was viewed on should be tracked.