Mobile advertising to see some new trends in 2014

The new year will see some new trends in mobile video marketing.

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 by YuMe

Advertising on mobile devices had a great year in 2013, as the AdAge Mobile Fact Pack stated that there was more than 75 percent growth. Utilizing aspects of the platform, such as mobile video ads, is no longer simply an option for businesses that want to be proactive and forward thinking.

Gregory Kennedy wrote on MarketingProfs that the future of the industry is challenging, but there are some clear trends starting to form for 2014. One big trend will be new formats for ads, including much shorter video ads than many are used to. These formats are just waiting to be innovated, he said, as the days of repurposing a 30 second ad from TV for the online or mobile audience are starting to be a thing of the past.

"We expect 5-second and 10-second mobile video spots to increase in popularity," he wrote. "Production costs for video creation continue to fall as the technology evolves. High-quality video production tools now come pre​-installed on every laptop, and most smartphones can capture HD video, turning even the smallest marketing department into a TV production studio. The widespread availability of Wi-Fi in most workplaces, cafes, and hotels means mobile ad inventory is regularly available to deliver video ads."

Other trends in mobile advertising, according to Kennedy, include further consolidation of the ad network arena and email becoming mobile-first. This will give organizations the ability to pick and choose where and how their mobile video ads are sent and seen, thereby allowing better targeting and more control.

More reliance on mobile
Industry professional Paul Coggins wrote on The Guardian that mobile advertising in 2014 is setting itself up to be a primary method of many organizations. Whereas many were wary about what they wanted to do with mobile ads just a few years ago, it is now becoming a priority across multiple industries.

"The improvements in connection speeds and increasing number of devices will have strong implications on publishers and brands," Coggins said. "A whole host of new advertising formats will open up for advertisers. Mobile video is already taking off but improved connection speeds and increased data limits can be expected to rapidly accelerate the growth of this type of advertising."

Mobile video is evolving and accelerating and a rapid pace he wrote, and may be one of the best markets for an organization to get into right now. Quick changes means predictions may not amount to much by the end of the year, but one thing is clear: businesses that want to stay current need to invest in mobile now.