Mobile app developers use video ads for promotion

The popularity of video ads has caused mobile app developers to use them as a marketing tool.

Posted on Jul 23, 2014 by YuMe

Regardless of what their business lines are, many companies understand how effective video ads can be when used to market goods and services. Video is the most powerful way to introduce a brand to consumers, capture their attention and encourage them to make a purchase. It is for these reasons that companies are increasing investment in video marketing strategies.

Additionally, where television was once the main platform used by many brands, the rise in Internet usage and increased adoption of tablets and smartphones have given companies more marketing channels and ensures that no potential sales opportunities are missed. These days, video ads have been developed to promote a variety of products. Now, according to VentureBeat, mobile application developers have begun using this strategy as a way to encourage people to download apps designed specifically for their smartphones and tablets.

The website states that 100 percent of developers are using digital video advertising to promote mobile applications this year. Additionally, developers are excited about the way video ads can help entice users to download apps to their devices. This method, considered to be outside-the-box thinking in comparison to the way developers previously marketed their products, speaks to how powerful a medium video is and how companies are beginning to value video ads as a useful tool for marketing.

Viral video ads set to increase
Creating ads that achieve viral status is the goal for many video ad publishers. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through the use of social media. Rapid sharing on many channels can drive ad popularity, while also raising consumer awareness about a product, service or company.

As a result, according to a study conducted by Talent Partners and cited by eMarketer, 44 percent of senior advertising executives in the U.S. predict that deployment on social media will be a key driver for video ad campaigns. As more users continue to adopt social media platforms, it makes sense for companies to deploy ads on this channel. 

Additionally, 30 percent of respondents also stated that video ads will be produced with the intent of going viral.

This is significant, as eMarketer, citing a Vubiquity study, revealed that 44 percent of respondents who own smartphones, used their device to view viral videos. Thirty-seven percent of tablet owners did the same. Digital video advertising efforts will continue to increase as consumer viewership numbers on computers and mobile devices trend upward.