Mobile video ads help drive viewer engagement

Mobile video ads can mean a much higher rate of engagement.

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 by YuMe

Organizations looking to drive their engagement with customers should look to mobile video ads, as a recent study from one video platform has revealed that they get higher engagement rates. MediaPost reported on the statistics, which looked at 10.2 mobile and online video views in the first quarter of this year and showed mobile video ads had a 5 percent interaction rate compared with 2.4 percent for the online spots.

One big reason for this is due to fewer tabs being open on mobile devices, meaning there's less of a distraction for users. This puts more eyes directly on the video, which is important, as it was also reported that mobile video ads aren't actually that much shorter than desktop videos. In fact, the group said 54 percent of mobile video ads are about 30 seconds long, with 10 percent being 60 seconds and 32 percent at 90 seconds.

Videos are most effective when they are made to fit on the medium with which the viewer is watching. Advertisements customized for the Web or mobile devices have a higher interaction rate by nearly a percentage point than those that do not pay attention to this fact.

"As the lines between traditional and digital formats blur, users demand something new or unique from advertisers before they click or share," the report said.

Daniel Mickens of ClickZ wrote about a report from Medialets, which said mobile ad engagement can be hugely improved with video. In fact, mobile video ads had a 35 percent higher engagement rate, as users spent 20 seconds on these videos on average. Despite these gaudy numbers, only 30 percent of mobile ads on tablets have videos and only 12 percent of smartphones have them. Organizations that want to see an improvement in users paying attention should adopt mobile video ads to help draw more eyes to the screen.