Mobile video advertising explodes in the United Kingdom

n the United Kingdom, rapid tablet adoption has contributed to the growth of mobile advertising.

Posted on Apr 11, 2014 by YuMe

Smartphones and tablets have become prevalent among consumers around the world. As a result, brands are now presented with two additional opportunities to connect with people through advertising on mobile devices. In the United Kingdom, mobile advertising experienced record growth, according to The Drum.

Citing data from a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau study, The Drum reports the United Kingdom experienced a 400-percent increase in advertising initiatives created exclusively for tablets. Overall, British advertising on mobile devices experienced a 93-percent growth rate last year.

Additionally, MediaWeek, citing data from comScore, writes that 17.9 million people in the United Kingdom are now tablet owners, and 36 percent of people in the country who go online do so using tablets.

"Mobile's huge rise is down to advertisers taking advantage of key developments in the way people use their mobile devices," Dave Bunyan, a manager at PricewaterhouseCooper, told MediaWeek.

Bunyan also said that nearly half the spend on mobile advertising in the country is for entertainment brands and consumer purchased goods that are commonly advertised on television. Additionally, he states that British advertisers now have a clearer understanding of mobile and realize that it is much more than a group of devices used to deliver information to its owners, but it is also a great tool for companies to advertise through the use of storytelling campaigns as well. 

The Drum also writes that 23 percent of all display advertising in the country is deployed on mobile after mobile video advertising grew by 180 percent in 2013.

The digital video advertising and mobile media advertising trends in the U.K. are consistent with the growth being experienced worldwide. Rapid consumer adoption of tablets and smartphones has created a very broad multiscreen video advertising marketplace, and a slowdown in this particular area of consumer behavior doesn't appear to be taking place anytime soon.