Mobile Video Explosion and Changing Viewing Habits


Posted on Sep 2, 2014 by Deborah Lin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, YuMe

The explosion of tablet and smartphone video viewers in recent years has opened a plethora of possibilities when it comes to TV and video content availability and consumption. From watching an episode of House of Cards on a tablet before going to bed to watching a short video on a smartphone while commuting to work, viewing habits are shifting from traditional TV to mobile.

With content becoming more readily available and accessible, consumers are becoming more screen agnostic. Consumers are also savvier and are comfortable watching content on smartphones and tablets. According to eMarketer’s recent US Tablet and Smartphone Viewing Report, female viewers tend to select the type of content to watch based on the device available and the experience it offers. Increasingly, tablet video viewing is gaining considerable popularity. In 2014, tablet video viewership leapfrogged desktop video viewership. And tablet is attracting a larger number of viewers compared to smartphone. This is largely due to the smaller smartphone screens and unlimited data plans on smartphones being phased out. For optimal content viewing, consumers prefer watching long-form programming on larger screens. According to the eMarketer study, 51% of digital content watched on TV are long-form programming, compared with 35% for computer, 29% for tablet, and 25% for smartphone. Viewers of tablet and smartphone video are getting younger with the demographic skewing towards millennials and young adults.

Understanding tablet and smartphone video consumption trends is important for developers and publishers. There is a huge opportunity for publishers to not only drive effective user engagement with content availability and consumption but also monetize with video ads across devices