More consumers are engaging with mobile video ads

Consumers are viewing more mobile ads on their smartphones and tablets.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 by YuMe

Brands that depend on advertising on mobile devices are seeing growth in the market, but there is still plenty of room to improve. The recently released "Citrix Mobile Analytics Report" conducted by Wakefield Research showed that in the first quarter of 2014, mobile ads reached more than double the number of Americans when compared to the previous year. However, while consumers are engaging more with ads on their smartphones and tablets, such interactions are taking up less than 2 percent of their monthly data allotment and roughly 5 percent are currently served video ads.

Consumers want faster speeds
One of the reasons why mobile videos ads haven't taken off further may be because of slow load times. According to the research, mobile video ads stall for an average of 15 seconds per 60 seconds when using long-term evolution networks, while that number increases to 47 seconds for 3G network users. Many Americans simply don't have time to wait, which leads to lower numbers of mobile video ad views, especially when content is of higher resolution. 47 percent of videos did not load when the resolution was higher than 720p, and the same goes for more than 10 percent at 240p. 

"In many regions, consumers now expect wired-like performance on their mobile device and, when they don't get that performance; their frustration is directed at the operator," said Mark Davis, senior director of product marketing for service provider platforms at Citrix. "But a great subscriber experience is just the start."

Embrace social for mobile ad campaigns
The rise of video usage on Facebook and Twitter presents a new opportunity for brands. According to the study, 32 percent data usage on social media platforms is being used to view videos. Citrix attributes this to Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and Twitter's Vine app. And with Facebook's autoplay feature for videos, users of the social networks are viewing more ads without even needing to actively initiate them, stated an article for Search Engine Watch. Getting a better idea of how consumers are engaging with mobile video ads can help brands achieve higher levels of success.

"Operators looking to transform their businesses need to understand data usage such as that detailed in the report, and find ways to translate that understanding into incremental revenue," Davis said.