More consumers using mobile applications to view video

More consumers are using mobile applications to view video, creating another opportunity for brands with video marketing strategies.

Posted on Jul 28, 2014 by YuMe

For a growing number of people around the world, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are no longer luxury items; they are necessities. People have integrated these items into their daily lives and rely on them for a number of tasks, the most common of which is viewing video. This presents a significant advantage for companies that have incorporated digital video advertising into their marketing strategies. As viewership of video increases on mobile, it presents a unique opportunity to which a wider audience using video marketing strategies. 

One of the growing trends with respect to consumer behavior on mobile is the use of dedicated applications to watch video content. Citing research conducted by The Diffusion Group, IP&TV News stated that 49 percent of U.S. adults with broadband access use an app to watch video at least one time per month. Daily usage was tracked at 16 percent while weekly topped out at 17 percent.

In addition, TDG's research also revealed a strong correlation between consumers' ages and how likely they were to use a mobile video application. Generally, the younger the person, the more likely he or she is utilize an app to watch video.

"There is no doubt that age is strongly correlated with the use of mobile video apps, both in terms of general uptake and frequency of use," Michael Greeson, president of The Diffusion Group, told IP&TV News.

Because of this, brands would be wise to integrate mobile media advertising into video applications designed for smartphones and tablets to capitalize on the growing number of mobile device users around the world.

Why video marketing is so effective
Although video consumption on mobile has increased steadily over the years, the same is true for an       y other medium that offers this functionality. This has created an enormous opportunity for marketers and video ad publishers.

Singlegrain, a digital marketing agency, recently cited a study conducted by Diode Digital that found that video marketing is 600 percent more effective than print and mail advertising. The company also stated that video leads to better consumer retention, increases awareness and encourages people to conduct further research into a product or service being advertised.

Whether video ads are deployed on the mobile platform or online, utilizing one or both is a great way for brands to strengthen their marketing efforts and connect with potential customers.