More on Next Generation Ad Networks

Posted on Mar 26, 2009 by Jayant Kadambi

So, this business about click through has me thinking. Why are most clients interested in click through?  And why do ad agencies harp on click through? I’m beginning to think it’s because we in the ad network business push CTRs due to the fact it’s a metric we have access to easily and don’t want to do the extra work required to understand what the proper metrics are for the campaign. This may seem like a harsh statement, but it makes sense. If you’re only tool in the tool box is a hammer, you’ll use it as pliers, a hammer, and a myriad of other tools rather than using the proper tool for the job at hand. In the industry’s defense, based on the search world, CTRs became well known and a highly profitable metric and it carried over to banner and now over to video.

We in the video world, or at least at YuMe, have access to a real toolbox with dozens of tools, so the trick is just figuring out which tool to use for which job and then reporting on that. Not hard, me thinks.

- Jayant Kadambi