Multi-screen video advertising a necessity for brands

Multi-screen video advertising will become a necessity for many brands.

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 by YuMe

With more consumers using tablets and smartphones, the way brands advertise to them has experienced a dramatic shift. Multi-screen video advertising has become more important than ever as companies understand that to truly make a strong impression with people, you have to stay in front of them at all times. With so many things out there that can monopolize a potential customer's attention, the out of sight, out of mind philosophy has never been truer and something that brands should guard against as often as possible.

Creating ads that can be seen on television and formatted for mobile devices and other video platforms is a company's best chance at encouraging more loyalty and influencing buying decisions. However, simply engaging in multi-screen video advertising for its own sake isn't a guarantee of success; it takes savvy. However, ignoring the benefits of this marketing tactic puts any company at a disadvantage.

One advancement gaining in popularity with consumers is connected TV, and a recent study conducted by eMarketer shows that adoption is not only rapid, but continuing to trend upward. For brands that invest in multi-screen video advertising, the growing user base is worth keeping an eye on.

Connected TV use growing
A connected TV is any device that allows users to stream audio and video content through their televisions. Research by eMarketer uncovered that in the U.S., a little more than 113 million people will utilize such a device this year. This number accounts for 45 percent of all Internet users and 35.5 percent of the country's population.

By 2018, the website predicts the number of people with connected TVs will reach more than 191 million, making up 58.2 percent of the U.S. population and 71.4 percent of all those who go online. The data uncovers the need for a connected TV ad network that can effectively take advantage of marketing to a user group growing rapidly in number.

Effectively advertising on mobile devices
Mobile represents a well of marketing opportunity that brands have been increasingly investing in. Smartphones and tablets are becoming just as sophisticated as they are popular and as a result, given their video capabilities, it only makes sense for companies to focus their marketing efforts around these devices.

However, simply taking a television ad and displaying it on mobile doesn't account for user behavior that is very specific when it comes to the use of these devices. Power Retail offers suggestions to creating a strong mobile campaign, one of which is to make messaging succinct and to the point.

One of the inherent traits about mobile devices is they allow people to complete more than one task at a time. Because of this, it's important for brands not to miss out on the limited attention they may have from a mobile device user. By developing content that is brief, yet interesting, it's possible for a company to draw a consumer to supporting content that is lengthier and more in depth. However, this may prove to be a difficult strategy if the longer video is utilized first.

When it comes to advertising on mobile devices, another suggestion is to build brand awareness. Brands would be wise to that their name name or logo is prominently displayed, especially on video ads. This can lead to better name recognition and potentially increase sales.

Whether through a connected TV ad network or mobile advertising service, marketing to customers on multiple screens will become a must for many companies. Video advertising has proven valuable, but as consumer behavior changes, brands must be able to adapt quickly, especially with respect to marketing strategies.