Multiscreen video advertising essential in marketing

Multiscreen video advertising is quickly becoming the new standard in video marketing.

Posted on Mar 10, 2014 by YuMe

As consumers continue to view content on their televisions, smartphones and laptops, the marketing and advertising arms of many companies have come to understand that creating campaigns around one single medium will no longer suffice. Businesses now must develop digital video advertising strategies around each platform individually, as well as ones that translate across all three.

As a result, multiscreen video advertising initiatives are becoming a major focus for businesses looking to expand their reach and take advantage of technologies that allow them to connect with more consumers than ever.

eMarketer, citing a 2013 joint poll conducted by Nielsen and the Association of National Advertisers, stated that for two-thirds of marketers surveyed, 25 percent of their advertising budgets are devoted to multiscreen deployments. In the next two years, 72 percent of marketers are expecting their entire media budgets to go toward advertising initiatives across multiple platforms.

Allvoices wrote that at the upcoming ad:tech San Francisco expo, a number of sessions will be devoted to increasing consumer reach through the use of multiscreen video advertising strategies.

"We can reach consumers no matter where they are, whether they're on their mobile phone first thing in the morning, or watching on the iPad while the game is on the big screen, or if they're watching something on the phone while they're standing in line at the grocery store," Michael O'Brien, vice president of sales at E.W. Scripps, said in an interview with TVNewsCheck.

It goes without saying that advancements in technology have forced the advertising world to be more creative in its approach to reaching both new and existing consumers. And with the right multiscreen video advertising plan in place, a company could potentially reap huge benefits deploying a successful campaign.