New brand advertising techniques to consider

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it is more important than ever for brand advertisers to carefully consider ways to make their online video ads memorable and effective to potential customers.

Posted on Oct 8, 2012 by YuMe

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it is more important than ever for brand advertisers to carefully consider ways to make their online video ads memorable and effective to potential customers. For example, The Daily Mail reported that the average television viewer saw 47 advertisements a day during the first six months of 2011, up by more than 20 percent from 2006. In addition, the American Association of Advertising Agencies reported that people on average only notice about 16 percent of all advertising – including positive and negative impressions. As such, video advertisers may want to consider new techniques that can potentially make their internet video ads more memorable.

Primal branding
One way in which brands may be able to better engage with consumers is via primal branding, a technique that emphasizes a more community-based approach to developing an audience, ReelSEO reported. In primal branding, advertisers seek to create groups around the brand or product which center around a shared belief system.

Primal branding starts out with a story that serves to give background and context to the company or offering. From there, marketers have to establish the central belief tenets of brand and associated imagery. Additionally, ReelSEO reported that the technique also involves the creation of leadership figures – either people internally associated with the offering or external advocates – and the development of a brand-specific language.

Companies that elect to adopt a primal branding strategy should also consider creating an us-versus-them mentality in their advertising. ReelSEO cited the example of Apple's efforts to distinguish and differentiate Mac users and PC users as a successful model of this idea.

"If you can effectively incorporate all seven pieces into your brand and content it creates an effect that makes people take notice," Tim Schmoyer wrote in a September ReelSEO article. "Many products and brands have only one or two pieces of the code and in some cases this is enough for effective branding however, the more pieces you can incorporate into your channel and brand the more cohesive your image and brand will be and easier to attract and keep viewers and consumers interested in what you are doing and offering."

Attachment marketing
Another technique that video advertisers can attempt to emulate in online video ads is attachment marketing, in which a distinctive personality is attached to a brand, AdAge reported. Consumers are able to form better opinions markets when a distinct emotional attachment can be created, and this can make consumers more apt to think highly of a brand.

Prime examples of attachment marketing successes include Nike and the Furby. In the case of Furby, AdAge noted how successful its marketing efforts were at getting consumers to think and treat the item as more of a pet than as an inanimate toy. Nike has embarked on an attachment marketing campaign through Fuelie, its latest mascot that offers advice and fitness feedback on the company's website and mobile apps.

"[M]arketers can make it even easier for consumers to give their products human qualities, and become more attached to their brands in the process," David Berkowitz, an emerging media professional, wrote in a September 26 AdAge article.

However, Berkowitz said that there are some dangers to this approach. For one, brands run the risk of creating too much emotional attachment with the mascot than for the brand itself. In the case of Fuelie, a risk to Nike is that consumers generate all of their admiration or admonition toward the mascot with little thought to the organization behind it all. Instead, brands that elect to implement an attachment marketing strategy with their video advertising online may be better off forging all of the firm with the brand and eliminating the mascot conduit.