Nike, Adidas benefit from World Cup video ads

The 2014 World Cup has been a marketer's dream when it comes to the deployment of video ads.

Posted on Jul 1, 2014 by YuMe

Now that the World Cup has entered its final stages, brands that have used digital video advertising initiatives have a great baseline for assessing the success of campaigns. Watched by millions of people from all over the world, the 2014 tournament being held in Brazil can easily be considered one of the biggest sporting events in history.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association has taken great strides to make it easier for people all over the world to view matches not just on television, but on their laptops, smartphones and tablets as well. In a study that our company conducted in collaboration with uSamp, we found that a number of people had plans to watch the tournament on at least one of these devices.

Additionally, 46 percent of consumers we surveyed stated that having the ability to follow along using more than one viewing platform is important. This also ties into the 59 percent of respondents who stated that being able to watch the World Cup on more than one screen made it easier to view more matches.

All told, the 2014 World Cup is a great time for companies to implement multi-screen advertising initiatives that will attract the attention of consumers in different markets all over the globe.

Nike finds interactive video marketing success with World Cup ads
When it comes to soccer, not only are the participating countries and individual players a key focal point for fans, but the brand sponsors are as well. Nike endorses many of the world's top soccer stars. As a result of the popularity of these individuals, the company has benefited greatly from video ads featuring many of the players it pays to promote its products.

However, Nike isn't just experimenting with video ads during the World Cup. The company has also found success using interactive video advertising techniques that have been wildly popular with consumers, according to Adweek.

The magazine recently revealed an infographic highlighting some of Nike's digital video advertising success achieved as a result of its #RiskEverything campaign deployed during the 2014 World Cup. One of the brand's interactive video ads featuring Zlatan Ibrahimovic, captain of the Swedish national team, has a;ready received 10.5 million views since it was released. This spot gave consumers an opportunity to ask the soccer star questions that he later responded to using short digital videos.

Additionally, the Adweek infographic shows that Nike's campaign has received 372 million views across multiple digital video platforms and 6 billion overall impressions for the campaign across the Web, television, mobile and social media. Lastly, Nike's two World Cup spots, titled, "The Last Game" and "Winner Stays" were ranked in the top 20 digital video ads of all time.

Nike's success is proof that the World Cup represents an ideal time for companies to take advantage of digital video advertising campaigns. Also, given that the tournament can be viewed on more than one device, brands can reach more consumers through the use of multi-screen video advertising efforts.

Adidas gains from its World Cup video marketing efforts
Not only is Nike capitalizing on the large number of World Cup viewers, but its biggest competitor in the sports apparel and equipment market is as well. A recent article from The Drum lists Adidas's video ad as one of the top 5 aired during the tournament. "The Dream: All or Nothing" spot features not only Lionel Messi,  one of the biggest stars playing for Argentina's national team, but also an unreleased song from rapper Kanye West, who recently joined Adidas as an endorser.

It's clear that FIFA's push to make this year's World Cup a more digital one has resulted in huge gains for companies electing to launch promotional video ads during this time. Be sure to take a look at our press release covering viewing trends relating to the 2014 tournament.