Online Focus Groups

Posted on May 6, 2009 by Jayant Kadambi

Testing whether an ad works or not, engages the viewer or not, etc.,, has been a favourite past-time of focus groups. People gather focus groups, panels, take surveys, and then based on the focus group, use that feedback to either create, or alter an advert that has already been created. Take a look at Mixx creates service to allow marketers to test ad campaigns.

I like the idea. In fact, we do it all the time. We never marketed it as online focus groups though. We regularly ask agencies to give us multiple creatives and then run the one that is more engaging, has more clicks, or generally performs better, whatever the performance metric may be. And we feel, it’s far better to do this on-the-fly or in real-time than after the fact. Save’s money, save’s time and while the ad spend is occurring, you can actually improve the campaign results.

We should all encourage more of this.

- Jayant Kadambi