Online video ads to become more programmable in 2014

Video ads will become more programmable in 2014, thereby giving brands improved metrics and stats.

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 by YuMe

In the past year, there has been an evolution in the programming of Internet video advertising. These buys will be done in a higher amount both out in the open and in private, which will in turn give businesses more measurable results and improved analytics.

Yuyu Chen wrote on ClickZ that according to one recent study, advertisers have yet to get a true handle on how they can measure their online video ads. The report found that 19 percent of advertisers surveyed said data comes in tardy, and 11 percent believe they cannot wrangle in useful data. This is where adopting and utilizing programmable platforms should help businesses big time. The measured results be available more than ever.

Wired Magazine's Bill Wasik wrote that the world as a whole is becoming more programmable, so it is no surprise to see online video ads follow suit. In fact, he said more new pieces of technology beyond video are starting to become part of the programmable world, as the online universe is becoming more of a cohesive system rather than a group of individuals parts.

"Once we get there, that system will transform the world of everyday objects into a design­able environment, a playground for coders and engineers," Wasik wrote. "It will change the whole way we think about the division between the virtual and the physical."

More measured results
The largest benefit of programmable online video ads is a heightened ability to start measuring and analyzing these spots.

In a piece for Wired's Innovation Insights blog, Elke Aronson wrote that it will be important for video ad professionals to know that going forward, success will be tied more to the emotional bond a company creates via its ads than how many people click or watch the spots. It is still essential to be creative and build a relationship with consumers in these ads.