Plug, Play, Payday!

Posted on Oct 4, 2013 by Kristie Sein

Plug, Play, Payday: Benefits of YuMe SDKMore and more, consumers are using tablets to consume video content, and 2013 saw major growth in tablet usage and penetration. With studies showing that tablets are particularly effective in driving brand lift, advertisers are now seeking tablet inventory to deliver engaging brand experiences to these device users.

Despite the massive growth in mobile ad spending, app developers and publishers have yet to fully monetize their tablet inventory.  In our latest whitepaper, Plug, Play, Payday, we explain how easy it is for developers to integrate and run YuMe’s lightweight software development kit (SDK) to quickly monetize their apps.  With our SDK, publishers and app developers are provided with our ad-serving technology and have access to a network of 450+ TV-brand advertisers – ensuring targeted, TV-quality video ads to complement the app users’ experience.

To learn more about the benefits of our SDK, visit to download a copy of the whitepaper.