Proximity marketing advantageous for companies using mobile ads

Proximity marketing is a great way for companies to deliver mobile ads while consumers shop.

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 by YuMe

As more mobile products appear on the market, brands understand that marketing to consumers on these devices is a great way to build awareness and potentially increase sales. A large majority of people around the world have an increasingly heavy reliance on smartphones and tablets, so much so that both have essentially become a part of everyday life.

No longer is it uncommon to see someone using a tablet or smartphone in public places, as these devices have ushered in an era of multitasking that doesn't appear to be slowing. As a result, many brands have begun using this trend in consumer behavior to their advantage when it comes to the promotion of goods and services through the use of mobile ads.

Although still a relatively new strategy, proximity marketing through the use of Bluetooth has shown itself to be a viable option for many brands. The way it works is simple: When consumers are inside or near a brand's retail location, the company can deliver a mobile ad to them directly on their smartphone or tablet.

BluAir, a company that offers a proximity marketing solution, lists several advantages for brands that use this mobile advertising service. The company states that not only does its uniqueness appeal to people, but it also gives consumers the option to either reject or accept the mobile ad when it is displayed. Additionally, it offers brands the ability to accurately measure ad effectiveness based on response.

In a recent interview with eMarketer, Rachel Panetta, head of retail and e-commerce marketing for Timberland, discussed the success the company had using proximity marketing strategies to increase revenue sales.

"From qualitative research and seeing some revenues generated from it, we see proximity marketing wasn't only building store awareness, but also driving conversion and sales," Panetta said.

She stated the company has plans to utilize the technology at 10 more retail locations.