Reaching Your Target Audience on Connected TV

Posted on Sep 21, 2017 by Matthew Shevach, Lead Platform Marketing, Product Marketing, YuMe

As the market for innovative new devices and apps that connect users to video content explodes, consumers will continue to shift their viewership patterns from the traditional TV model to a fragmented combination of both linear TV and connected TV devices.

As a marketer trying to connect with consumers across this shifting landscape, there are a few fundamental questions that must be answered to ensure you can continue to reach your target audience effectively and efficiently:

1. How do you manage the audience shift from linear TV to connected TV?

As consumers migrate from linear TV environments to connected TV devices, marketers must translate their traditional mass media model of buying audiences on TV to a distributed model that reaches their target audience across multiple connect TV devices.  Although this does require a shift in mentality, the upside is the ability to uniquely address each device or household with customized messaging and creative.

Advertising across connected TV devices can also provide more interactive and contextual advertising formats including deep linking, custom micro-sites and map-based location features to promote local merchants.

2. How do I control my advertising messages to consumers consistently across all screens and devices including connected TV devices?

Another benefit of connected TV devices vs. traditional TV advertising, is that the same audience can be identified across multiple devices and screens within a household, including connected TV. By using technology behind connected TVs to help bring it about that message frequency, targeting and creative exposure are linked to the same household across all devices, advertisers can eliminate wasted advertising opportunities and increase the efficiency of their media budget.

3. So how do I take advantage of these advances in targeting and creative to create a traditional TV-like advertising experience across connected TV devices?

To address this need, YuMe has developed a series of multi-screen audience SDK’s, including our newest SDK for connected TV. The technology underlying the CTV SDK helps to target audiences across connected TV devices that can be tied to audiences across desktops, mobile, tables and other devices.  We have launched and integrated with several publishers across Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV platforms and are actively engaged with dozens of publishers who are looking to leverage our CTV SDK to further monetize their CTV inventory.

Although the market is fragmented across a multitude of connected TV devices, we are also working to expand our SDK support into additional platforms, so that we can provide consistent and accurate data to advertisers no matter where they need to reach their audience. Stay tuned!