Record number of Americans watched online video ads last year

Over the last 12 months, internet video advertising reached more Americans that at any point in the past.

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by YuMe

Over the last 12 months, internet video advertising reached more Americans than at any point in the past. According to comScore, 182 million U.S. residents saw approximately 11.3 billion online video ads during just the past month.

"2012 was a banner year for online video advertising as there was massive growth," ReelSEO contributor Christopher Rick wrote recently.

In December 2012, comScore found that online video ads reached 52.6 percent of the U.S. adult population, with the average American internet user seeing close to 70 ads. In total, people saw more than 4,100 minutes of internet video advertising.

This jump came as an increasing number of Americans turned to the web to watch content. According to comScore, 38.7 billion content videos were seen last month, with the average viewer watching more than 1,150 minutes of content on the web.

Online Media Daily reported that the average video was 5 minutes and 24 seconds long. Of the 38.7 billion total videos seen in December, 22.6 percent of them were online video ads. The average internet video ad is 24 seconds long, and close to 2 percent of all time spent watching content online was devoted to viewing ads.

What the future holds for internet video advertising
According to Rick, more consumers are turning to online formats to watch video because of the convenience offered by the internet. For example, web-based formats provide Americans with the ability to watch video from a wide variety of screens at any time.

This helps to explain why industry analysts predict the amount of online video watching to rise even more in the coming months and years. For example, Bell Labs predicted last month that over the next seven years, the average American will see seven hours of video content a day via web-based formats. Rapid TV News reported that the typical U.S resident views 4.8 hours of content from the internet daily.

As a result of this shift, fewer young people watch traditional television now. According to Nielsen, the typical person between 18 and 24 watched approximately 26 hours and 28 minutes of television in an average week during the first three months of 2011. In comparison, from July through September of last year, TV viewers in that same age range saw 21 hours and 59 minutes of television in a given week.