The Intrinsic Value of Customer Service even in a Programmatic World

Posted on Oct 31, 2017 by Corey Johnston, Senior Analyst, Media Insights & Analytics

Today’s media environment offers agencies and brands a wide range of options for digital ad campaigns to reach their desired audience. Media providers are under immense pressure to offer innovative products and competitive pricing that enable their clients to meet and surpass their KPIs. Gone are the days when deals were sealed over a martini and a handshake. Media providers need to show real campaign performance results that positively impact a brand’s goals. These goals range from ad quality, with metrics like video completion rate (VCR), click-through rate (CTR) and high viewability to metrics used by savvy advertisers measuring overarching success like lift in brand sentiment, or increased in-store and online site traffic. Agencies and brands are in constant pursuit to improve upon their goals. Our programmatic platform continues to optimize into ad quality, but it is our customer service that has allowed our clients to better plan and measure success of their overarching goals.

At YuMe we believe that more successful campaigns are not only achieved by our innovative technology, but also by our people, who are forming fruitful partnerships with clients to understand their needs, and tune our systems to achieve the best possible outcome for them. Clients are better positioned for success when our YuMe Account Management and Analytics teams collaborate with their respective counterparts on the client side.

Performance is paramount and remains the ultimate end goal for both media buyers and their technology partners. The selection of a media provider, however, should be made based on both performance and the resources available to provide superior customer service. Quality customer service is key to developing a partnership that over time has the potential to yield consistently better results. Consider this hypothetical example: Brand X is evaluating two potential media providers. Provider A has a 2% higher VCR and 4% higher viewability than Provider B in initial campaign tests. On paper, it would appear there is a clear winner. But Provider B offers a dedicated account manager and analytics expert to support Brand X’s campaign from start to finish, and offers hands-on consultation for future campaigns. The reality is initial campaign results are often not an indication of the potential for future performance, particularly at the hands of an expert team working to optimize future campaigns. Collaboration is the real key to success.

At YuMe, we believe in building trust from the outset. We prove ourselves every day by working with clients to help execute campaigns that meet their brand goals. From there, our focus is on building a partnership with clients, unlocking additional lines of communication to allow Account Management and Analytics teams on both sides to talk to one another and optimize future media buys. The Account Management team can launch campaigns more efficiently, and the Analytics team can better assess the effectiveness of targeting, evaluate the screens (PC/Mobile/Tablet/Connected TV) that have been utilized and implement improved measurement techniques. The culmination of these joint efforts typically leads to improved processes and strategy that is informed by historical performance, thought leadership and other syndicated research.

We believe that the best campaign ROI is achieved from a winning combination of innovative tech and hands-on customer service. At YuMe, our customer service strives to create a virtuous cycle of high performance campaigns built on effective strategy, efficient strategic execution, the identification of new insights, with the ultimate goal of improved campaign performance. If you are in the market for a new digital video tech provider, ask them about their approach to customer service in-flight and post campaign. Or better yet, come talk to YuMe.


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