Travel industry seeing success with mobile videos

Mobile video ads may help travel companies.

Posted on Oct 19, 2013 by YuMe

The travel advertising business will always be competitive and busy, but it appears that online and mobile video ads are starting to gain more clout within the industry. According to eMarketer, travelers are drawn to many different channels before purchasing and mobile gadgets are starting to become more popular. The Search Agency's recent "State of Paid Search Report – Q2 2013" said travelers tend to be early adopters and the trend toward mobile videos is no exception, as paid search ads for travel and leisure has increased 60 percent between the same time period in 2012 and 2013.

Tablet and smartphone spending has been increasing steadily over the past few quarters. In the second quarter of 2012, there was 85.7 percent spending on paid search click share versus 10.6 percent for tablets and 3.7 percent for smartphones. In the recent report, the company is reporting 76.8 percent for desktop, 17.4 percent for tablet and 5.8 percent for the smartphone.

"Performance metrics for travel digital video ads are impressive as well," according to eMarketer. "Travel advertisers are paying attention to digital video not only for the medium's ability to conceptualize and tell inspirational stories in an easily digestible format, but also because of consumers' willingness to respond to these ads."

The website wrote up another report, this one by Advertiser Perceptions, which found that travel advertisers who planned to increase mobile and digital video spending were outnumbering those who did not. In spring 2013 when the report was released, 71 percent planned on increasing spending on mobile ads and 62 percent would do the same on online videos.

Travel-related ads one of the first to see big tablet success
Those who are up on the future of mobile video ads likely are well aware of the past; tablets were one of the first dominant ad spaces for travel. In 2011, All Things D reported on a study by one company which said 91 percent of iPad owners used their devices for travel related activity and 47 percent of users of the device booked hotel rooms.

Generally, tablets may be the best place for mobile video ads, as eMarketer reported on a study by Adfonic, which found the tablet's share of mobile ads climbed from 9 percent at the end of the second quarter in 2012 to 14 percent at the end of the fourth quarter of the year.