Understanding Traffic Quality Changes

Battling Challenges in the Online Video Advertising World

Posted on Aug 1, 2014 by Rekha Srivatsan, Product Marketing Manager, YuMe

Over the next 3 years, video is set to dominate what people view online. Video ad spending is predicted to dominate online ad spending by 2017, yet the ad market faces challenges over viewability, brand safety and fraud detection. Publishers and Advertisers are constantly battling challenges in the online video advertising world.

a)      Viewability: How do we make sure the ad is viewed? Viewability is a technology solution for measuring whether a purchased digital ad has an opportunity to be seen. For example, if an ad is loaded at the bottom of a webpage but a user doesn’t scroll down far enough to see it, that impression would not be deemed viewable. Per comScore’s latest research, 54% of advertising delivered goes unseen.

b)      Brand Safety: How can we make sure the brand ad appears in the right content and right context? Advertisers spend a lot of money to protect their brand and if the context is not 100% right, they run the risk of losing their brand image. For publishers, they are losing their CPMs by losing premium campaigns.

c)      Fraud Detection:  How can we make sure human views the ad and not a bot? When a publisher buys “traffic” from a third party, but instead of delivering real visitors, the third-party sends bots to create page views.

In order to combat traffic quality, all publishers must adhere to IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines and undergo a strict verification and background validation process prior to acceptance. As the industry conversation around traffic quality grows, YuMe will continue to provide strategic direction for the ad ecosystem. With IAB, YuMe recently conducted a best practices webinar: “Bots: How to Find Them & Keep Them Out of Digital Advertising” that also included speakers from Integral Ad Science, and our cross-screen publisher partner Viewster.