Upfronts and Infronts

Posted on May 26, 2009 by Jayant Kadambi

Well, it seems as if every year around this time there is the usual flurry of articles about TV broadcast advertising, the effect of video online on the TV broadcasts, etc., etc., And in the midst of a recession, we get the usual articles about how the market is down. Not to say that it’s not true or anything. I couldn’t figure out what this article “Never Mind Online Video – Networks Rally Around TV” was really trying to say, but the heading at the end about Online Scarcity caught my eye. We continue to believe that there is no online scarcity for TV online. The article actually goes on to contradict itself by saying Hulu is putting PSAs and I guess therefore is not sold out.

We’ve said fairly consistently that scarcity is not the issue. There is plenty of TV and TV-quality content online for advertisers. There needs to be additional work done to target the demographics of people watching the content, and make the available content consistent with the TV demos and buying strategies and plans. And of course, it’d be really nice to know if the online consumer had seen an ad offline. Not easy, but would be great.

- Jayant Kadambi