Using emotion a good video marketing strategy

Marketers suggest brands employ ads infused with emotion to capture consumer attention.

Posted on Apr 3, 2014 by YuMe

Video ad publishers are well aware of the need for multiscreen video advertising initiatives for brands. Today's consumer utilizes a tablet, smartphone and laptop on a daily basis. Therefore, digital video advertising strategies have to be created for each platform to capitalize on this new form of consumer behavior and be effective using this type of marketing.

However, taking advantage of new technological trends and getting the most value out of them from a business perspective is something that many brands have trouble doing. However, in an article written by Stuart Pike, Nielsen's executive director of digital audience measurement in Southeast Asia, North Asia and the Pacific region, he suggests using emotion as a way to connect with consumers and build brand recognition.

A good example of this can be found in a recent article by Adweek.

Citing data compiled by Ace Metrix, a company that uses analytics to measure the effectiveness of ads deployed on television, Adweek compiled a list of the video ads that gained the most traction with viewers during the first quarter of 2014. The top two were emotional spots created by Budweiser called "Puppy Love" and "Welcome Home," with the former receiving an 83 in the emotional index rating category.

For video ad publishers and marketers, Nielsen suggests the creation of ads that focus less on how consumers shop and more on how they feel. Additionally, the website states the best way to capture consumer attention with a digital video ad is to create product or service visuals that are interpreted as valuable as opposed to disruptive.

There are a number of ways to navigate the growing digital landscape. Brands should pay close attention to industry trends and work to develop video ad campaigns that consumers find difficult to turn away from.