Vertical Spotlight: CPG Advertiser Imperatives to Achieve High Brand Awareness

Posted on Nov 9, 2017 by Jeff Zito, Regional Vice President, Midwest, YuMe

Growth for many traditional consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands continues to be hampered by increased competition from private labels and the introduction of new value-priced brands. Consumers are getting harder to reach, and their attention is harder to hold across the many different screens and devices they use throughout a given day.

The CPG industry’s key media objective is to drive top of mind brand awareness to positively impact consumer shopping preference in-aisle and online. CPG brands remain heavily invested in TV advertising as this medium has, historically, been the most effective in reaching large audiences. As eGrocery sales continue to rise, savvy CPG marketers are finding that ramping up their digital ad campaigns are also imperative to capturing online sales. According to Magna Global, digital advertising is projected to grow 17% YOY in 2017, and is projected to grow by double digits through 2021. Yet, when you look at digital investment more granularly, video is a small portion of digital spend – representing only 18% of digital spend in 2016. The power of digital video is that it can deliver brand messages in a format that closely resembles TV advertising, with the added benefits of audience targeting and cross-screen distribution.

Here are a few imperatives for CPG marketers to consider in executing an effective cross-screen digital video strategy:

  • Dive into cross-device tactics to follow the consumer journey. Your consumer audience fluidly moves from screen to screen throughout the day. Your message needs to consider this cross-screen reality. Tools like frequency capping and sequential messaging are essential. YuMe can help by using cross-screen solutions to reach your target consumer throughout the day.
  • Expand messaging from linear TV into Connected TV (CTV) – resulting in increased reach. CTV can be a powerful channel to reach your audience, combining the full-screen branding benefit of traditional TV with the targeting power of digital. YuMe offers Nielsen CTV Audience Composition Measurement where certain campaigns may be eligible for audience composition reporting that offers demographic breakouts based on Nielsen’s audience data.
  • Prove the value of digital through offline attribution. The ability to connect the efficacy of specific digital campaigns with offline sales is essential to helping you optimize future campaign spend. YuMe can help you use 3rd party, purchase-based data for targeting and sales impact measurement, e.g., return on ad spend (ROAS). We also work with accredited 3rd party research partners to measure campaign success overall.
  • Increase consumer engagement with your brand through interactive units. New ad formats that offer customers the ability to click through to a microsite for more information or download a special offer or coupon deepen engagement with your brand, and drive higher value campaigns. YuMe can work with you to develop innovative cross-screen ad units like mobile vertical video with location finders that capitalize on a consumer’s screen, environment and present location.

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