Video ads online are becoming the norm: 3 predictions

Smart TVs have become the intersection between television and the internet.

Posted on Jan 24, 2013 by YuMe

While videos on the web were mostly uncharted territory for advertisers just a few years ago, many brands have since discovered the incredible consumer reach this form of marketing can provide. The period when the average web user would be surprised to be shown an advertisement while he or she streams a video ended quickly. When consumers today open a browser to watch a video, they expect to see an ad.

As brands constantly strive to keep viewers interested and engaged, marketers should consider the following trends and predictions for video advertising online in the near future.

1. Smart TVs open up window of opportunity for video ads online
Smart TVs have become the intersection between television and the internet. Viewers can use a remote to access a variety of apps, including video viewing tools, on their TV once reserved for computer screens. Smart TVs are predicted to be the gateway to new opportunities for advertisers because they’ll provide them with the ability to use the internet’s consumer targeting skills to reach a TV-watching audience.

At the DLD13 conference in Munich this week, Samir Arora, the CEO of media company Glam, discussed Smart TV’s ability to offer intelligent targeting, according to Guardian News.

“On the smart internet, you should not see an ad for a car if you have just bought a car. Bring that forward and consumers will get used to it – it will make advertising something people want, targeted and packaged carefully,” he said.

2. Social media will also become a better video advertising space
On Thursday, Twitter introduced Vine, a new video sharing service. Playing off Twitter’s limited character theme, Vine allows users to film and and share six-second looping video clips.

This announcement comes years after Facebook began allowing users to post video links and share homemade clips. iMedia Connection predicted the tepid success of display ads on Facebook will push the social network to continue to innovate and eventually embrace video advertising.

3. Long-form ad content will grow more popular
Better audience targeting and using more diverse ad formats can lead to success beyond the 30 second pre-roll limit, according to VentureBeat. While short and sweet commonly delivers positive messages, reward-based, opt-in formats will likely push long form video ads to play a greater role online soon.