Introducing Video Reach: The Programmatic Branding Solution


Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by Kristie Sein

On Monday, we launched Video Reach, our programmatic brand advertising solution for TV brand advertisers. We’re bringing a new standard to premium programmatic brand video advertising by helping trading desks and brands to accurately reach TV-scale audiences across digital screens with video ads through our proprietary first-party data science and advanced brand safety technologies.

While buzz has been steadily growing around programmatic in the marketplace and press, it’s certainly a trend that is here to stay. More advertisers are now adopting programmatic techniques, but now there is a growing demand for a premium programmatic solution that combines audience-specific intelligence, automation efficiency with safety and control of traditional buys.

Video Reach provides a comprehensive solution for the nascent premium programmatic market. With a focus on efficiency and audience composition, advertisers often lose quality in the process; Video Reach uses our Audience-Aware SDK to mine first-party audience data from across all screens, bringing the most accurate audience data that is not available through any other video buying medium today.

Utilizing the most advanced and proven brand-safety technology built ground-up for video advertising, Video Reach also ensures video ads are placed on brand-appropriate digital content and curates its inventory sources, removing doubts around fraudulent traffic.

With our a proprietary data science-driven and advanced brand safety technologies packaged in a simple-to-use, nimble and flexible solution, Video Reach creates trusted reach while providing true TV brand results. To learn more, visit and follow @VideoReach on Twitter.