Watch YuMe’s Video Coverage from CES


Posted on Jan 29, 2013 by admin

Earlier this month during CES, YuMe hosted hundreds of marketers and agencies at their “Connected Living Room” suite in the Las Vegas Hotel. Within the suite, attendees got a glimpse into how connected TVs offer new advertising opportunities to engage and learn. Watch the footage here:

At CES, YuMe unveiled “Click-to-Ngage,” a new, interactive, long-form video ad unit for the connected TV market. The “Click-to-Ngage” ad unit offers:

  • Increased engagement, improved metrics, and an opportunity to efficiently run long-form video advertising while the viewer is attentive and in a brand-receptive environment.
  • An immersive experience, with tabs for different types of content including videos and a photo gallery, allowing consumers to dig deeper, discover new content, and spend more time with the brand.
  • A low-clutter and low-ad load opportunity for brands that typically compete within traditional, highly-saturated media.

Jayant Kadambi, YuMe’s CEO, emphasized the focus for the future, “We want to embed software in all different devices, then learn about the user experience…we use the data and aggregate it at scale to deliver audiences.”

“Click-to-Ngage” is the newest in a series of connected TV ad units from YuMe, together comprising an extensive set of four-screen video ad unit offerings for connected TV, tablet, smartphone, and PC. From interactive pre-roll to ready-made ad templates to custom-made ads built just for your brand, YuMe has a range of ad solutions to help advertisers achieve their branding objectives. In the past year alone, 70 of Ad Age’s 100 Leading National Advertisers ran their video ad campaigns with YuMe.