Ways to improve mobile ad effectiveness

Brands are still working to make mobile advertising strategies more effective.

Posted on Apr 29, 2014 by YuMe

Despite an increase in mobile usage around the world, brands have yet to figure out a way to effectively market to the newer, more technologically savvy consumer on smartphones and tablets. According to a recent study from eMarketer, spending on mobile media advertising will increase 82.3 percent in 2014. But despite this growth, the research provider states that brands still don't devote the necessary time or financial resources that are equivalent to its rapid consumer adoption, making it a far less effective advertising option than it has the potential to be.

In its report, eMarketer gave mobile display advertising an overall grade of B- when it came to the effectiveness of using the platform to market products and services to consumers.

In a recent article, MarketingProfs brought up similar points to those raised in the eMarketer study. MarketingProfs states that in spite of the fact that consumers do a large amount of Internet surfing on their mobile devices, brands have yet to properly leverage the increased usage into development of more effective advertising strategies on the platform.

Possible solutions to the mobile marketing conundrum
MarketingProfs suggests brands and video ad publishers utilize referral marketing when developing mobile ad campaigns. The website stated that by using this method, brands can get a better idea of who their target audience is while avoiding many of the areas that often make mobile advertising strategies ineffective.

According to eMarketer, success can be greatly increased by strategizing around the behaviors of consumers and taking advantage of some of the more advanced features that today's devices offer. The website also states that mobile marketing strategies would be better served through the use of interactive ads as opposed to static banners. Additionally, the creation of more uniform standards when it comes to ad development and measuring results, along with the use of improved data tools that gives brands a better idea of how much return their investment into mobile advertising has given them, would also be advantageous for the mobile advertising sector.