YuMe’s Household Targeting: Now Available in the UK!

Posted on Oct 3, 2013 by Kristie Sein

On the heels of the US launch back in July, our Household Targeting (HHT) solution is now available in the UK!  Through our research, we’re seeing digital screen fragmentation is on the rise; consumers are increasingly accessing content across multiple devices, smartphones, tablets, connected TVs and PCs. This constant cross-platform media consumption is making it difficult for brand advertisers to effectively reach their target audience for positive brand recall and message pull through.

With HHT, we enable brand advertisers to reach and influence all members of the household with interactive, cross-screen compatible video ads delivered to whatever connected device they are viewing.  We also provide retargeting to reach members of the household even when they leave their home. So once YuMe identifies household devices, the technology can continue to deliver focused advertising messages to each viewer’s device in locations outside of the home, where there is a Wi-Fi or network connection.

We plan to continue rolling out the solution to the rest of Europe in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Update: [Video Interview] YuMe’s Owen Hanks Explains How Household Targeting Boosts Purchase Influence