YuMe’s Audience-Aware SDK Now Supported By JW6!

YuMe’s Audience-Aware SDK Now Supported By JW6

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 by Nikki Heyder, Product Marketing Manager, YuMe

In May, YuMe announced our deep integration with JW Player, and the integration of our Audience-Aware SDKTM with the latest version of JW Player – JW6.  This will enable publishers who use the latest JW player to accelerate the time to monetization, rapidly deploy in-stream audience surveys, gather audience insights and gain access to our Audience Segments campaigns and interactive ad units.

YuMe’s Audience-Aware SDKTM enables:

  • Better revenue yield from YuMe demand sources: access to premium Audience Segments campaigns via YuMe’s Connected Audience Network; access to programmatic branding dollars via Video Reach
  • Audience Insights – validated audience demographics using first-party data can be leveraged to not only command better ad CPM rates  but also inform publishing strategy
  • Multi-screen interactive ad units increase engagement, ad effectiveness and more revenue for publishers

The new JW6 Ads Platform:

  • Supports HTTP Adaptive Streaming through the Apple HLS protocol. In addition to iOS, HLS streams can also be played in all desktop browsers. Both live and on-demand are supported.
  • Has built in Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst analytics tracking for easy tracking of video views alongside page views.
  • Has HD Quality Switching, Social Sharing, Related Videos and an easy to use JavaScript API to create a custom, brand specific video player.

If you’re using JW6 and want to learn more, or would like to upgrade to the latest YuMe SDK, please email us at: publishermarketing@yume.com

You may read the full Press Release here