YuMe’s Commitment to Delivering Brand Safe Environments

Posted on Nov 29, 2017 by Michael Hudes, CRO, YuMe

In light of recent events and concerns pertaining to ads running near inappropriate content, we at YuMe wanted to take a moment to reaffirm our proactive stance as it relates to brand safety. We take a multi-pronged approach to help provide your brand message with relevant, safe, quality inventory.

YuMe SDK (Software Development Kit) Technology

  • Our SDK enables us to perform defensive tactics like pre-bid blocking and whitelisting/blacklisting.  We work with both advertisers and publishers to help provide traffic within our network that meets the standards outlined in the campaign set up process.
  • Through our SDK, we can gain insight into where and how ads are running.
  • Forensic Pattern Analysis – Our engineering team and proprietary algorithm can help to recognize, flag, and eliminate suspicious activity patterns.

The Human Touch

  • Our focus is on securing quality, professionally produced inventory through direct publisher relationships. This provides direct communication and escalation with premium publishers which helps to provide brand safe experiences.
  • Our infrastructure is designed to be proactive in removing questionable sites. YuMe’s Quality Control helps to maintain our brand content standards by vetting our inventory for compliance.

1stand 3rdParty Solutions to Help Provide Brand Safety

  • YuMe combines internal processes and leading 3rd party partners to help comply with MRC/IAB and industry standards.

We are committed to providing you with relevant, appropriate and brand safe environments.

If you have any questions regarding brand safety at YuMe, please email us at info@yume.com.