• 'Seeing Is Believing' for Virtual Reality and Immersive Technologies

    More than half of consumers who have experience immersive technology, including virtual reality, believe it's the "next big thing". Immersive advertising garners higher engagement and brand approval, while consumers express interest in additional interactive content.

  • Connected TV Device Ownership and Usage

    A survey poll to provide insights into connected TV device ownership, usage and attitudes around advertising in the UK, Spain, France, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

  • No Downtime: A Survey on Teen Digital Activity

    In March 2016, we surveyed approximately 500 US teens aged 13-17 on video viewing habits in the past week. Our questions focused on type of devices used, average time spent, and watching activity by time of day.

  • Exploring Immersive Technologies

    Virtual reality and 360 video are poised to be the next generation of immersive technologies. Both present a new paradigm for brands and content publishers to engage with their audiences. As such, YuMe commissioned Nielsen to explore the immersive qualities of these new platforms and to establish the groundwork for understanding the opportunity for brands and content providers. Utilizing neuroscience and biometric monitoring techniques, the research captures the engagement response to content within a television experience, 360 video, and virtual reality to help substantiate the power and i...

  • Publisher's Guide

    YuMe's Publisher's Guide highlights consumer survey results focused on understanding the relationship between video viewing habits and ad receptivity.

  • Power Of Video

    YuMe's Power of Video research highlights consumer survey results focused on understanding video's role as an engagement and sales-driver. The findings reinforce the value of digital video campaigns in triggering video sharing, eliciting strong emotional response and driving action, with 66% of digital video viewers indicating they've taken action after seeing a digital video ad.

  • Millennials Evolved

    YuMe surveyed more than 5,000 consumers to understand how cultural, environmental and life events influence purchase behavior, media viewing habits, device preferences and the impact on consumer marketing. The study found that while there are common characteristics that define the entire generation, there is more depth and nuance to the audience that advertisers should be aware of in order to influence this segment and drive higher engagement.